Review: Boardman 9.2 SLR Elite

Her maiden ride on the 26th March 2016…

Initially after a short ride to meet the guys at the starting point for the ride. I was wondering why the bike was so unresponsive.

It was all just my legs… After the previous day’s hard 120km ride, my legs were all sore.

After the warm up, it felt a whole lot better. This SLR 9.2 endurance frame is really made for all the road imperfections you can possibly face. It soaks up, literally soaks up all the buzz and road imperfections like a dream. It was so cushy yet I was still able to easily accelerate north of 40kph if not for the compact chainring.

Having kept all stock except for the saddle (swapped to my fabric saddle from my other bike) and the wheel set (BikeSmith Custom wheels).


Similar to my SLR9.8. Fun, agile, responsive but with an added level of comfort. With a time of more than 3 hours on the saddle again after yesterday’s ride, there is no discomfort to the back or to my seat bones at all even after thrashing the bike, going over bumps and all the surface imperfections our roads have to offer.

The paint work on the frame is nothing short of spectacular.

Componentry that comes with the bike more than decent. With Dura Ace shifters, front and rear Derailleurs mixed with FSA SLK brake set and Carbon compact crankset (BB30).

Check out the new 2016 Boardman range of bikes at Integrated Riding. Happy riding!



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