Ride: Good Friday Round Island Ride

Good Friday Round Island – 25th March 2016

Easter weekend is a good 3 day long weekend and thankfully I was not required to report back to work that particular Saturday. So what was I going to do with 3 days away from work?!?! That’s right, cycle my legs sore, torment them, bring on the pain, the lactic acid, the aches and of course the post ride food cravings!

On behalf of Integrated Riding, I organized a Round Island ride (approximately 120km in distance) starting from the shop at 0630hrs. Was delighted that the attendance turned out to be better than expected considering that this was like the second ride that I organized for our club. Big turn out with team riders, friends and customers of the shop.

Surprisingly we had three ex-National athletes turning up for this ride; Francis Ong (Ex-National Cyclist), Ho Jun Rong (Ex-National Cyclist / Owner of JR Cycle) and Gabriel Joshua Tan (Ex-National Triathlete / Owner of The BikeSmith). Their appearance for the ride was just like icing on the cake, Crème de la crème. Excited even before the ride started just knowing that these three powerhouses are there with us. It was going to be such a great ride.

Pre-ride briefing on the route was conducted to the group and also mentioned that we will most likely be riding in two packs, which Thiam Sing will be part of Pack #2 and myself part of Pack #1. 

Due to the different capabilities of the riders, it’s safer to have a separation so that we are all still able to ride as a group and it would also be safer as visibility in a pack tends to be better than having you ride alone.

The separation of the packs came after we got on to Keppel viaduct with a few powerhouses in the group raising up the speed to north of 40kph lasting all the way to base of Jurong Bird Park Hill (our first regroup point). All thanks to our Ex-National athletes were we able to just enjoy the fast and hard ride by drafting them as they worked all the way for the pack.

Due to the speed difference between the packs and in order to complete the ride in a similar time to the first pack, Pack #2 detoured straight to Lim Chu Kang while Pack #1 headed on to NTU for climbs before proceeding to Lim Chu Kang.

Throughout the ride, it was fun. Pack #1 were like playing Cat and Mouse with Pack #2. Trying to catch them up as we went on a longer route. 

A lot of nice pictures were taken for the group and we even made a detour to have some pictures taken on roads less travelled. That was when I had to opportunity to play director again and there I went instructing the riders for the short photo taking session. 

I “stumbled” upon this place during one of my solo rides and thought that it would be a great spot for photo taking session. And I was right. Captured some amazing pictures during this session. 


And special thanks to Ho Jun Rong and Gabriel Tan for both working so hard in pulling the pack for the whole distance of the ride. #beastsonwheels

A success this event was and more to come. Happy weekend and looking forward to seeing more riders on the next ride.


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