Ride: IR x TFR x Morvelo Ride

26th March 2016

We had a special guest coming down from Thailand. Panda, not that 🐼 but this Panda.

She was invited down to meet Jon (boss of Velo Velo Singapore) as she was proposed to be the next Morvelo / Velo Velo Test Team Rider in Asia.

Guess they were looking for someone better looking than the current test team riders in Asia with the likes of Adrian Seah, Wei Jie, Suppachai and yours truly. They need a babe in Lycra and her she is.

Another round island ride was organized for her first ride in Singapore. The riders from Team Force Riders (TFR), Integrated Riding (IR) were mainly involved in the ride with some riders from other groups supporting the event and showing Panda and her boyfriend, Oak, our local hospitality.

Gents from IR helping out in the front

 Early morning ride to enjoy the roads before it gets really busy
Panda trailing behind as she soaks up the scenery that Singapore has to offer

 Carol, one of the ladies from TFR with a bubbly personality! Always nice to see her riding with the group!
  Here’s a rare sight of a strong triathlete. Tammi here is back training for her triathlons and she’s one of our triathletes for Team IR (triathlon division) 💪💪

So happy to see Tammi back here with us on the ride. It’s been more than a year since I last rode with her.

It was also during this ride that I suffered water poisoning otherwise known as water intoxication. It’s actually OVER hydration, yes over-hydration. It occured midway through the ride, I knew I drank way too much water and I wasn’t perspiring as I would do normally. And I was suffering from the symptoms of “heat stroke”, nausea, clammy hands and also the fact that my whole body was very lethargic, lack of power and had difficulty breathing at times… It took me a while to get over by belching and luckily it didn’t come to the extent of me requiring to self induce vomiting. But I did felt better after slightly more than an hour and continued to ride as normal.

 Well, we had to cut the ride short as it was getting really late with traffic building up and we are beginning to feel the heat. Weather hasn’t been kind with a lack of rain during this month and it was also reported that it has been the driest month in more than a decade.

While waiting for the others, we decided to have a little break at a bus stop. What a sight… Three cyclists at a bus stop… LOL

 We ended the ride at Siglap for local style brunch in a coffee shop before parting ways with our guests from Thailand.

Great ride, great friends, new friends, new experience (water poisoning).



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