Ride: Velo Velo Singapore x Morvelo

27th March 2016

Following the previous day of cycling with our new Velo Velo Test Team rider, Panda. Instead of a long distance ride, this was a planned Café ride with the main intention of sightseeing the little red dot we call our home and finally stopping over for a great cuppa.


Route starts off at Kallang, passing through CHIJMES, National Museum of Singapore, Fort Canning, Orchard Road, Dempsey, Holland Village, Portsdown, South Buona Vista, Mount Faber, Keppel and then ending the ride at Sarnies for coffee.


Only did we realize that CBD was closed off to accommodate Car-Free Sunday as it was the last Sunday of the month.


This is a six-month pilot to drive a “car-lite” culture here, in which traffic is shut out to create a walking, running and cycling route of approximately 4.7km in the city centre and where various activities such as an arts zone for children, food trucks and historical walking trails are held. 

The event is scheduled for the last Sunday of each month. Pretty cool, and instead of stopping over for coffee, we went ahead to explore CBD in a way we never thought possible till this initiative by the Government.


Here are some shots of us and Panda




All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed the way this event was set up and managed. This was the only time where you can truly enjoy any activities on the road without fear that you would be struck down by a motorist. A multitude of events that are family friendly being held in the open and what a great way to spend quality family time together, this is great and I do hope that this lasts more than the proposed 6 months and a higher frequency of such events would also be something worth looking forward to. 


A particular reason why I said this event was well managed was due to this;

On the return leg back to Sarnie’s, our visitor from Thailand fell. A freak accident… His POC shades slid off the helmet onto the front wheel and jammed it, causing him to stop abruptly and fall. Sustaining superficial wounds to his knee and elbow, and a torn jersey (good excuse to get a new one then).


Guess what… The event organizers’ even had patrolling Angels (First-Aiders) throughout the venue. How great is that! I didn’t know that until I noticed a female cyclist with two first aid boxes and asked her if she happened to be a First Aider (if she’s not then I would take on the role and attend to his wounds), an Angel on Wheels she was and she helped patched him up.


Hope Medical, thank you for providing such support in the event.


With the second installation of the Car Free Sunday being yet another success, I can’t wait to attend the next installation. This Café ride was also a great experience for me, not every ride has to be a hard ride. Sometimes we need to just take it easy, relax and enjoy what life and your surroundings have to offer.




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